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Victorious After Divorce Starts with You

It’s over.
But it’s time to find a new normal.

The decision was to separate, but there is still hate, resentment and guilt.
The cycle is the same. We pick up the kids. We drop off. One word into a discussion turns into an argument. Nothing gets accomplished. We just keep trying to one-up the other to “win” the better parent trophy. It’s just not working for anyone, especially the kids.



I am a certified life coach and Energy Leadership Index master practitioner through the Institute of Excellence in Coaching (IPEC). That’s hundreds of hours of training on resources and role playing that I can now give to you.

No Baggage!

I am not divorced. Therefore I cannot bring my sad story and opinions to our conversation. There is no “one uping” on who has had the worse experience. Working with me means that it’s your unique story that we will unfold together.


I bring a new prospective that you are just not seeing today. I make connections and offer insight about what I see in you. Working with me, you will find yourself thinking, “Wow. I never thought of it like that. I see it now!”


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