About Divorce Recovery

What does life after divorce look like?

The marriage has been dissolved. The attorney fees have been invoiced. But it’s not done. You and your newly ex-spouse have the kids to raise “separately.” What does that even look like? What does living alone, and not seeing the kids as much feel like?

By partnering with a coach, you will be able to define what your new normal is. And most importantly, move past the hurt, resentment, anger and guilt that often is felt after the papers are signed.

A coach can help you stop revisiting the same regrets, and arguments that you still have with your ex-spouse. You will discover a new way to approach co-parenting and negotiation by choosing how to show up in front of your ex, as well as your kids. You can be the difference in your life, and the healthy childhood experience for your kids.


You’re not broken. You just need a little coaching to get better results.
The difference is amazing.

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