Energy Leadership

What is Core Energy Leadership?

In the book, Energy Leadership, Bruce D. Schneider explains the concept of self awareness that he created called Core Energy Leadership. It completely changes how you lead yourself and others.

Everyone has the same amount of energy and is ultimately in charge with how it is used. Being completely aware of how you spend your energy is very empowering. In all, there are seven levels of energy, and through the Core Energy Leadership and the coaching process, we get in-depth on each level’s characteristics and driving behaviors. You begin to identify it within yourself in certain situations. You then have the power to choose to show up at a different energy level to achieve better outcomes in these certain situations. You will have the power to defuse anger and stress. (for example) within yourself and those around you.

Included in this coaching process, you can take a 20-minute online Energy Leadership Index assessment which determines your overall energy make up, and together we can discuss the results and potential next steps.