Mind Set

The mind is very good at finding reasons why we “can’t achieve” something and we then put limitations on what we can achieve. We can help you become aware of these limiting beliefs as they arise and see them for what they really are; fiction!

What limiting thoughts and beliefs are getting in your way? Perhaps you feel you will not look ‘right ’in workout clothes? Maybe you think you are so out of shape, you will never be able to turn things around? Maybe you don’t like to sweat, or maybe you tell yourself you’ll be judged and mocked when you hit the gym? What are your fears? We can most certainly help you overcome whatever they are.

Once we’ve helped you identify the reasons behind your lack of motivation or fear of working out, we can then put together a plan so you can use your mind to reverse these negative, non-productive thoughts and, ultimately, get out of your own way.

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