Nutrition is a subject that causes more confusion than anything else for people who are trying to improve their body and health. Again at triad we understand that everyone is unique and we tailor the nutrition to get results as quickly as possible whilst improving your health at the same time.

In this day of the “ internet gurus” who often preach as if from a bible the pages of a hyped up course they were sold it is difficult to know what the truth is.

What we do is apply some common sense and employ a balanced view that will help you achieve your goals and become educated on what works for you and why it works. We have studied with the best tutors in the world and only employ scientifically proven strategies. Your nutrition plan will be tailored around your likes and dislikes, lifestyle and work/ family commitments so there is enough flexibility it can’t be broken.

Here are a few common sense tips:

  1. Drink plenty of clean water
  2. Make sure your protein intake is adequate 0.8-1.0g per lb of bodyweight
  3. Eat Complex and fibrous carbohydrates ( don’t cut out any food group)
  4. If your goal is fat loss you need to be in a kcal deficit ( be sensible 10-20% max deficit)
  5. Eat good fats omega 3 dominant foods
  6. Use a food log and log everything otherwise it’s just a guessing game
  7. Eat as organic as you can ( many foods are full of toxic pesticides of packaged in materials which leak chemicals in to your food)
  8. Use only good quality vitamins and supplements ( just like with food there is a lot of low quality products out there only use reputable brands with real science to back them up)
  9. Employ an expert to make the process simple for you
  10. Be consistent and create good habits ( slowly slowly change 1 bad habit for a good one until that becomes your new habit then repeat)
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